How Are You Developing Sustainable Change Programs?

How Are You Developing Sustainable Programs Of Change?

 Sebastian Copeland recently said, “We’re disconnected from reality and only when we move outside our urban environments, can we actually realize what’s important. It helps put the world into perspective.” What he’s speaking to is the fact that as human beings, we don’t see the world around as it truly is.  We look at through rose-colored glasses,  our perceptions and beliefs creating worlds reflective of how we are. He’s also saying that outside our daily lives, in places that allow the “real” world, as it exists, outside of how we think it exists, is where we can attempt to gain more holistic views of reality and start to focus on manifesting actuality. It’s here were we can can start to question what we’re most likely blindly believing. What Sebastian’s words convey is the simple fact that:

Cause and effect: All actions have reactions. 

Think About It:   What happens remotely happens to one species on our planet has direct impact on mankind. By the end of this century, 50-70% of the species on our planet will be extinct. What took mother nature 10,000 years to create, balance and perfect took us only 100-150 years to destroy.  And according to Sebastian, we’ve only got 30 years (three decades) to correct what we’re in the process of destroying.

Talk About  It: What are people going to say about you when you die? Now this can be you as person, but it can also be your company, your products and services as well. How are you and the business your connected to going to start having positive effects on the world now?

  1. Are you developing more sustainable, mindful business practices, processes and systems?
  2. Are you redesigning the way you serve your customers?
  3. Are you changing the way you work internally and developing processes that drive collaboration?
  4. Are you finding ways to empower your employees so that they become your commanders of the armies of your customers that champion your  products or services? 
  5. Are you designing ways in which your business is going to better serve the local communities you live in and your business(es) operate in?
  6. Are you asking yourself, “How are you going to empower positive processes and change within those communities on local and global level?”
  7. How are your actions telling politicians and world leaders they must accountable for driving sustainability and change?


When we change the way we see and perceive, we can change the way we think, we in turn, change the way our business works. 

Sebastian Copeland About Sustainability from FIELD OF VIEW . FILM on Vimeo.

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