E4T Solution

You cannot solve today’s business problems with yesterday’s tools

You cannot solve today’s business issues with yesterday’s thinking

Over the last decade, Group Partners has been refining an entirely new approach to support the facilitation of new strategy and valuable change. One that reinvents how people in businesses think and work together.

Equipped4Thinking widens that work by offering facilitators a standalone product based on the lessons we’ve learned to solve the unstructured mayhem that is the traditional meeting, brainstorm or workshop.

A Whole New Era For Facilitators


  • is designed for those who share a passion for finding better ways to think. Those wanting to add value to strategies that truly transform businesses.
  • will appeal to those wanting to add rigorous structured thinking and visualisation to their existing ways of working or simply to adapt their methods to align more closely with 21st Century ways of working.
  • will suit facilitators and other consultants/practitioners who are open to holistic and integrative thinking.
  • is ideal for anyone who intends to build frameworks that engage and inspire client teams to effect sustainable transformation/cultural change over the long term.


The Equipped4Thinking™ Discovery Framework is designed for group facilitated intervention. It enables the facilitator and team find out what we know, what we don’t know and what we need to know about a given issue or problem in a part or the whole of a given business


The Equipped4Thinking™ Development Framework is designed to create and then connect correct strategies and solutions to business goals. Its eight modules force a meaningful and logical story. It will provide everything that is needed for an articulate and coherent strategy

What’s Included?

As a practitioner of Equipped4Thinking™ you will receive a comprehensive set of reference materials – including a core set of visual tools – to enable you to work collaboratively with clients to achieve higher quality, longer lasting results.

The Equipped4Thinking™ product set includes the Facilitator’s Quick Start Guide, guides to The Philosophy, The Theory and Applying The Approach books, and Discovery and Development Framework modules and stencils. 

The materials will enable you to become fully versed in the why, how and wherefore of the Equipped4Thinking™ world.

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