The Dreaded Brainstorm Session


The Dreaded Brainstorm Session


I’ve given up trying to console the countless people who have bemoaned the dreadful experience of yet another wasted few days in team meetings – sessions that have finally extinguished the last gasp of inspiration from a blossoming idea.

You know – “Let’s all get everyone together and answer this question and build a plan!!”

Great idea poorly executed.

Net result very few people ever want to go through it again.

A Ballroom Of Confusion

Even if there were real insights they would probably be lost amongst the confusion. I’ve seen large venues filled with suicidal delegates and worse coffee, trapped for days in a bitter struggle – their phones squirrelled under tables but feverishly attracting far more attention than the task at hand. Most of the attendees trying to escape the tedium of presentation after presentation. Their fate only interspersed by a frustrated facilitator trying to salvage some semblance of an outcome.

Those daze are gone

By applying common sense we’ve created large (or small) scale solutions to the traditional team-working session. A modular but un-restricting collection of tools. They contain the most critical conversations and a way of collecting that information so that what emerges are far better conclusions. Done in a way that should hold the attention of even the most skeptical war weary delegate. Equipped4Thinking™ comes armed with supportive guides and advice to make a good facilitator even more capable of delivering significant value. At last teams can expect to engage and own the outcome and share in the now logical conversation.


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