Equipped4Thinking™ The Discovery Framework & Approach

The Equipped4Thinking™ Discovery Framework is designed to encourage group collaboration and creativity. It finds out what a business or team know, what they don’t know and what they need to know about a specific challenge, problem or opportunity.

Discovery Framework

The Discovery Framework looks at the challenge, problem or opportunity in the round. It makes visible the underlying and closely dependent set of dimensions that when connected properly – in the service of the most valuable audiences – will optimise the priorities of the whole system.

During Discovery you are co-creating with your client team a new way of imagining and envisioning the possibilities. It is all about making sure you start the journey knowing the critical contexts of the issue being considered.

There is a clear logic underpinning the Discovery Framework. We refer to this as the Business Equation™.  The conversations build up in a deliberate sequence to bring to the surface a coherent and more fundamental appreciation of the challenge and the opportunity.

As you work with the team through the 11-module Framework over one or two days, you will be stripping away all the preconceptions and semantics to reveal the essence of the issue.

The Discovery Framework ensures that everyone taking part always considers the business – or the part of the business under scrutiny – in terms of the whole.


The Discovery Framework ensures:

  • Shared and aligned team goals
  • Clarity on the market context operated within
  • Far clearer understanding of future scenarios
  • The emergence of a powerful message that embraces the whole story
  • An analysis of current capability
  • Consideration of timing implications
  • Practical and meaningful outcomes for wider sharing of discussions
  • Accelerated insight and value for the team
  • A faster and aligned start towards the development of a strategy


The 11 modules of the Equipped4Thinking™  Discovery Framework enable a team to find out what it knows, doesn’t know and needs. It brings to the surface a coherent and more fundamental appreciation of the current reality.

What’s Included?

As a practitioner of Equipped4Thinking™ you will receive a comprehensive set of reference materials – including the core set of visual frameworks and visual stencils as tools. The materials will enable you to become fully versed in the why, how and wherefore of the Equipped4Thinking™ world and help you to achieve higher quality results in collaboration with your clients.

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