Equipped4Thinking™ The Development Framework & Approach

The Equipped4Thinking™ Development Framework creates the key conversations that connect the team to the strategies and solutions – to the real business ambition. Its eight modules force a meaningful and logical discussion that in turn results in an articulate and coherent strategy.

Development Framework

Where Discovery provides context and alignment, Development creates the foundation and structure for action. Its outcomes are clear and its modules rigorous in terms of reaching clear definitions and principles.

The Development Framework can be used to address every strategic challenge but imagine the classic situations where the team/client wishes to initially validate a hypothesis or to stimulate and then dig deeper into specific issues and challenges.

It is particularly relevant when aligning a team around the key strategies towards the business outcome. Indeed creating that new outcome itself. Additionally developing that compelling story for the business – describing the reality within all solutions, creating transformational roadmaps, indeed all challenges at the core of business life.

Although the initial Development Framework can be created in a day or two, in reality the development of strategy usually lasts several months – because of continual framework refinement or as a result of a widening of the engagement and involvement of the organisation in evolving or embracing the strategy.

The Development Framework ensures:

  • A clear framework for strategy that is linked to business ambition
  • A set of agreed metrics for signifying success
  • A shared and aligned vision for the business
  • The key strategic initiatives, programmes and plans
  • A set of business imperatives that drive from the challenge to ensuring the vision and ambitions
  • The organisational model required to deliver and sustain the vision and the values, capabilities and culture needed to achieve it


The Equipped4Thinking™ Development Framework is designed to create and then connect correct strategies and solutions to business goals. Its eight modules force a meaningful and logical story. It will provide everything that is needed for an articulate and coherent strategy

What’s Included?

As a practitioner of Equipped4Thinking™ you will receive a comprehensive set of reference materials – including all the core sets of visual tools – that will allow you to deliver higher quality results to your teams and clients.

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