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Book Review: The Customer-Centric Blueprint
Book Review: Doug Leather's The Customer Centric Blueprint In Doug Leather's book, The Customer-Centric Blueprint, we are reminded of the importance of focusing on our customers. Leather says, "The key to competitive advantage today is to focus on customers in order to grow the value of the customer base."  Whether you sell products or services, it is important to remember that you[more]
How Are You Developing Sustainable Change Programs?
How Are You Developing Sustainable Programs Of Change?  Sebastian Copeland recently said, "We're disconnected from reality and only when we move outside our urban environments, can we actually realize what's important. It helps put the world into perspective." What he's speaking to is the fact that as human beings, we don't see the world around as it truly is.  We look at thr[more]
Your Company’s Change Agent Is You
Your Organisation's Change Agent Is You This past week in Los Angeles, the business leaders of global companies such as Target, Zappos and Coca Cola gathered with technologists from Path, SoundCloud, Spotify, Mightybell and recording artists like We all had met at PTTOW 2013 in order to discuss the digital disruption of our customers’ lives. For three days, we'd[more]