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Business Leaders Must Prepare For A Collaborative, Conscious Future
Business Leaders Must Prepare For A Collaborative, Conscious Future In 2013, 60% of the US population is under the age of 30. These 4.1 billion people are responsible for $1.2 trillion in spending each year. They are catalysts for change, cause action and consumerism. As leaders, we need to know how to communicate with them because the economic turmoils have caused their values [more]
Holistic Thinking & Resilient Practices Are Key To Virgin Galactic’s Success
Resilient Systems Are Key To Virgin Galactic's Success Conscious Thinking and Resilient Systems Design Is At The Heart Richard Branson's Ventures In Space This month,  Virgin Galactic made the reality of civilian travel in outer space closer to attainment with the successful launch of its first rocket-powered test flight SpaceShipTwo. The craft, partially owned by Virgin gr[more]
Your Company’s Change Agent Is You
Your Organisation's Change Agent Is You This past week in Los Angeles, the business leaders of global companies such as Target, Zappos and Coca Cola gathered with technologists from Path, SoundCloud, Spotify, Mightybell and recording artists like We all had met at PTTOW 2013 in order to discuss the digital disruption of our customers’ lives. For three days, we'd[more]