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The Dreaded Brainstorm Session
  The Dreaded Brainstorm Session I've given up trying to console the countless people who have bemoaned the dreadful experience of yet another wasted few days in team meetings - sessions that have finally extinguished the last gasp of inspiration from a blossoming idea. You know - “Let's all get everyone together and answer this question and build a plan!!” Great idea poorly exe[more]
The 21st Century Framework For Thinking.
There are countless reasons for using structure and logic in business conversations.  Making Meaning - Creating meaning and more rich definition about the vital moving parts of a strategy or plan. Working with the teams around critical parts of the plan or strategy. Delivering Clarity - Getting towards that crystal clear agreement and definition - grounded into everyone so that the [more]
Book Review: The Customer-Centric Blueprint
Book Review: Doug Leather's The Customer Centric Blueprint In Doug Leather's book, The Customer-Centric Blueprint, we are reminded of the importance of focusing on our customers. Leather says, "The key to competitive advantage today is to focus on customers in order to grow the value of the customer base."  Whether you sell products or services, it is important to remember that you[more]
4 Visual Platforms To Beautifully Articulate Information
In the past decade, we’ve seen a rapid, societal shift in spatial — or what we now call visual — learning.  Advancement in technology, media, platforms and smarter devices have led photographs, hand drawn sketches and illustrations via digital tools to be the way in which we prefer to understand information, as well as [more]
Facilitator Tools: How To Order Consumables
Facilitator Tools: How to Order Consumables In order to conduct effective E4T workshops, facilitators and product users require electrostatic paper and markers to use in conjunction with the framework modules found in Discovering and Developing. Markers and Coloured Pens There are many products available on the market when it comes to coloured pens and markers that you can use t[more]