Facilitator Questions

The 21st Century Framework For Thinking.
There are countless reasons for using structure and logic in business conversations.  Making Meaning - Creating meaning and more rich definition about the vital moving parts of a strategy or plan. Working with the teams around critical parts of the plan or strategy. Delivering Clarity - Getting towards that crystal clear agreement and definition - grounded into everyone so that the [more]
Facilitator Tools: How To Order Consumables
Facilitator Tools: How to Order Consumables In order to conduct effective E4T workshops, facilitators and product users require electrostatic paper and markers to use in conjunction with the framework modules found in Discovering and Developing. Markers and Coloured Pens There are many products available on the market when it comes to coloured pens and markers that you can use t[more]
How Do We Define 21st Century Business?
How Do We Define 21st Century Business? In the E4T facilitator books, we often reference 21st Century Business, but there is no clear definition of what exactly that is, so we've defined and clarified it for you. 21st Century Business focuses on building enterprises through providing an open forum for today's executives facing a rapidly evolving global economy.  We define a 21st C[more]