The 21st Century Framework For Thinking.


There are countless reasons for using structure and logic in business conversations. 

  • Making Meaning – Creating meaning and more rich definition about the vital moving parts of a strategy or plan. Working with the teams around critical parts of the plan or strategy.
  • Delivering Clarity – Getting towards that crystal clear agreement and definition – grounded into everyone so that the team can really work efficiently. Knowing what’s going on.
  • Awarding Clear Accountability – Awarding clear and well recognised responsibilities – once the whole picture is owned and understood.
  • Communicating In The Framework – Creating a framework that can both display and deploy the results of the deliberations. Enabling sessions and meetings to be almost immediately conveyed to the wider group.
  • Creating Smarter Leadership – Encouraging the leadership – through the development of greater confidence in their world – all achieved via true collaboration. Sharing in the definitions and purpose gives the team the significance of their role in delivering it.
  • Ensuring A Powerful Purpose – Giving the team a contextually valid and single aim. Something that is highly valuable and single minded and that everyone sees as meaningful with the whole framework that will deliver it.
  • Coherent Vision – Creating the critical conversations around a shared and more valuable picture of the future. Overcoming that challenge of an intangible vision.
  • Critical Alignment – By sharing in the important terms and ideas in this way we will be certain that everyone is literally and visually on the same page. Alignment is always key in achieving a common aim.
  • Meaningful Collaboration – By collaborating we are sharing knowledge, insight, experiences and a whole lot more. Working this way ensures ownership and engagement. Critical for success.
  • Differentiation & Interest – Getting better teamwork and ensuring more valuable work is at the heart of the visual framework approach. People like working visually and at large scale like this. They will actually want to turn up to important sessions.
  • Absolute Engagement – Meaningful engagement (via directly working with the physical elements of the business) is often not the way business works – as a result of working this way we can dramatically increase performance, motivation and energy.
  • Improving Performance – As a result of all of the above we have proven that everyone can improve their outcomes in every sense. From meaning and clarity of the world in which they operate to the clear and precise accountability that’s needed to deliver the business outcomes.
  • Developing The Right Behaviours – By sharing and collaborating with the team within structures like this it becomes very clear what works and what needs to change. By stepping back and realising the bigger picture in a logical model we can easily see what needs to change both as a team and as an individual.

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