Redefining facilitation

21st Century businesses need new ways to think and work

A powerful approach to helping teams solve problems, create better opportunities and make better decisions

Tools for facilitators to help businesses change the way they think

Equipped4Thinking™ is a stand-alone product that’s emerged from lessons learned by Group Partners over the last decade*. We’ve been tackling the unstructured mayhem that is often the traditional meeting, brainstorm or workshop through working this way.

It’s designed to share the basic tools and techniques of our work so that others may benefit from our experience over the last decade. It’s easy to see (now more than ever before) that businesses need to invest time in quality thinking when developing smarter solutions to their challenges.

Effective thinking at work

In order to improve the outcome and make meaningful impacts more quickly, they need to understand the important dynamics involved. Through its structured and rigorous thinking supported by logic and reason E4T encourages just that. Equipped4Thinking™ frameworks are designed for facilitators to help change the way businesses (and teams) address challenges, solve problems and develop opportunities by focusing on creating structured and logical conversations.

Designed for smarter thinking

By applying these visual frameworks to agreed exam questions (visualisation being an aid to understanding) and using holistic thinking you will be giving meetings, workshops and facilitated sessions the form and logic needed for sustainable change. It’s worth pointing out that you do not need to be able to draw in order for E4T to work. The visual frameworks supplied are in that sense sufficient although you may augment them with illustrations or your own drawings where you feel it’s appropriate to do so.

From time to time Group Partners will release further tools, packs of parts and additional themes and applications but this E4T pack is the primary toolkit for creating more structured meetings.

*Group Partners doesn’t warrant or accredit the user in any way as a result of this purchase. 


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